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Rose Hinge 06/09/2016

I hired Bradley Cleaners a few weeks back because I needed a profound cleaning of my Persian rug. It’s colors were darkened and there was one large coffee spill I couldn’t remove by myself. They came the same day, inspected the rug and then proceeded with the cleaning. The final result was quite surprising yet pleasant – the original colors were back and that nasty old spot was gone. These guys did a great job!

Layla Jones 07/03/2015

I want to thank the cleaning team that cleaned my home yesterday. You are amazing! My carpet and sofa both look new. I will totally recommend you to my friends!

Phoebe Watts 04/02/2013

My children did a great mess on the our sofa. Luckily your cleaning professionals came as quickly as possible and cleaned it all. Many thanks from all my family including the kids.

Judith Grubber 23/07/2011

I hired them to clean my carpet. They came the next day and after a small chat they began cleaning my carpet. Overall they did OK, but I hoped I’d gain little bit more of my carpet’s original colors. It’s either my carpet that’s too old or they didn’t apply the right detergents. Nevermind, my carpet now smells fresh and looks far much better than a week ago.

Arthur Prater 05/04/2009

It was real joy working with you guys. The team members you’ve sent home to clean my carpets were really good at their job and in addition they were very polite and friendly. I’m glad I called you!

Mark C. 14/10/2007

My old wooden floor needed some polishing, so I went searching for a cleaning company that can do the job well, at an affordable price. My sister then told me about Bradley Cleaners and decided to call them in. They did good and I am now enjoying the new gleaming looks of my parquet. I might use their services again in the future.